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1. “Europa Spring.” First published in Cosmos Online, May 2013. Now available as a Kindle short reads bestselling e-book. Reprinted in Daisy Gator’s Little Book of Remarkable Persons, Feb 2016.

From Amazon: “Vlad and his people have been cut off from the rest of humanity for 150 years. Living in the cold and the dark under the ice of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, they’re changed beyond all recognition, altered by genetic mutation. Vlad’s life is an uneventful one in his small community, dominated largely by petty local politics and concern for his sick wife. Then a mysterious pod crashes through the ice from above and turns his little world upside down. Where does it come from? And is it dangerous? Europa Spring is a science fiction short story, a love story, and a tale of human resilience against the odds.”

2. “A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Zelah is charged with managing a group of unruly students, living in relative isolation on the far side of the Moon. But their rebelliousness gets out of hand and threatens disaster for them all.

3. “Vacuum Wanderers.” [N.B. Includes some bad language; you have been warned.]

A very short story of just 700 words, but one that might just stay with you. Two very special persons meet for the first time on the Moon. One of them is on an important mission.

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