Daisy the Gator #1

I’ve started a new comic strip. Here it is!


Daisy the Gator #1



Panel 1: Picture of Daisy the Gator lying on the ground, with a thought bubble over her head reading: “They should let me vote in the US election.”

Panel 2: Picture of Daisy with a ballot paper. Hillary, Trump and Green Party on the ballot paper. Gator has voted Green because she is a very vivid green.

Panel 3: Picture of human Elinor in wheelchair with speech bubble: “What are you doing, Gator? You can’t vote. You’re not American. You’re the only known example of Alligator Britannia, not Alligator Mississippiensis.”

Panel 4: Happy looking Gator with envelope.

Panel 5: Gator walking along with envelope, thinking. With thought bubble: “All gators are American. Unless they Chinese. Me not Chinese. Must be American.”

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