Interzone #263

Interzone #263 (Mar-Apr 2016)Interzone #263 by TTA Press

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another strong issue of Interzony weirdness. The first two stories deal with a strange drug and a strange natural disaster. There’s a story here about a guy who might be an alien or maybe merely is very alienated. This latter piece reminds me of one of my own stories, one of my best in fact though not one that I’ve managed to sell yet (which reminds me, I need to dig it out and decide what to do with it.)

Possibly my favourite story was “Not Recommended for Guests of a Philosophically Uncertain Disposition,” by Michelle Ann King. I liked it even though it did remind me of all those old Star Trek episodes dealing with things like the Q Continuum and the early “plotless” episodes of Voyager. (I’m sorry, but I loved those early weird space anomaly Voyager episodes even though everything I read at the time suggested everyone else hated them. In hindsight I suspect it was just the result of a lot of men failing to come to terms with the concept of a female captain.)

As ever, the reviews were interesting too even if, occasionally, one or two might whiz straight over the scaly head of this Eng-Lit challenged alligator.

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