The Horror! The Horror!

I lost my internet connection for five days. Yup, it was as bad as all that. No obsessively checking the Submissions Grinder, no letting Gator eat people on the Writers of the Future forum, no sitting by my email waiting for the inevitable rejection letters, no wasting time in Second Life… erm. Just me by myself with paints and keyboard. So yes, I actually did some writing and painting.

Actually, I did less writing than I should have on account of being so stressed out about missing possibly important emails. What if market X finally decided to buy that story they’ve been sitting on for an inordinate amount of time? What if I’d sold a physical book on Amazon (even though I’ve only a handful listed these days) and need to ship it? What if people think I’m ignoring them on Facebook? What if people think I’ve died.

After all, does anyone loose internet for as long as five days any more? Not sure. Whatever, I couldn’t write much because having no internet was worse than losing my right arm (and even that would have seriously put a dampener on my typing speed).

But I did do some writing. And better than that, I did some plotting on my next Europa story. Plotting/outlining is probably the part of writing that scares me the most. If I have what I think is a strong outline, the actual writing of the thing doesn’t worry me too much. But getting that initial outline to a point where I actually think the story is worth writing down can be an effort. But I may have something worthy at last. At least I hope so. I guess I’ll find out when I wake Gator up and get her typing again.

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