Smashwords! And now I’m an Amazon Bestselling Author! Er, really!

Figured it was about time for another post, another progress report. So, here we go, up and away.

First, I have yet another Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future Contest. Yay. Not yay? Whatever. That’s number six now. It would be nice to reach Finalist some time.

More excitingly I’ve started publishing on Smashwords, the indie book publishing site. Smashwords do seem a little more challenging than Amazon. They have an entire book you’re meant to read to get the formatting right. Needless to say I skipped most of that. The e-books still look fine and have been cleared for the Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo stores so they can’t be that bad. Seriously though, my stories are simple prose. Presumably most of the huge tome is for folks who need to insert pictures or vast tables of contents or complex fancy fonts. I may look into all that later, especially if I issue a book with a large number of short stories in it. A table of contents with HTML links would indeed be helpful for that. But for now, my simple text is I hope clean and easy on the eyeball.

So on to new books and covers I’ve neglected to post. My Mouse About the House story has been up on Amazon for a while now. Here is its brief blurb and cover: When a young woman’s home becomes infested with mice, ruining her business, she knows something has to be done. But is the solution worse than the problem? “It’s a funny story, I love it and would suggest a sequel!” said one customer in her 5-star review.

Mouse About the House

Mouse About the House

I’ve also updated the cover for Europa Spring which yes, really did reach the bestseller lists at Amazon as a Kindle short read. I spotted it as high as #37 in the Science Fiction & Fantasy category, and it even reached #98 in the general Literature & Fiction category.

Europa Spring

Europa Spring

Anyhow, back to Smashwords. Here is the link to my new author page:

But more about Smashwords later.

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