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Writerly Progress Report for the Year’s End

Here is what I’ve done this year. Since Jan 1st I’ve submitted 92 stories, a huge increase from previous years. SALES: 1. “Europa Spring,” to Cosmos Online. My first ever fiction sale! Yay! 2. “In Place of Darkness,” to Strange

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Honourable Mention, Writers of the Future

Heard this evening that I’ve gotten an honourable mention for this latest quarter. This is my first from David Farland. Yup, my record since he took over the judging has been far from honourable! This was a “Gator” story and

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2014 Campbellian Anthology

It seems my story, “Europa Spring,” makes me eligible for the Campbell award which was a surprise to me I must say. So I figured I might as well send it off to be reprinted in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology.

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Strange Bedfellows ToC

Strange Bedfellows Table of Contents Tried as an Adult by Eugie Foster Candidate Z by Conor Powers-Smith When This Peace Thing Blows Over by John Skylar Occupy Asteroid by Trevor Shikaze The Afternoon Revolution by Erica L. Satifka Three Years

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First Pro-sale! Not So Strange Bedfellows.

I got an email last night from Hayden Trenholm at Bundoran Press. He wants to buy my story, “In Place of Darkness,” for his Strange Bedfellows anthology of political SF, due out in April 2014! This will be my first

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My first story is published!!

Yup, here it is at last, “Europa Spring,” published at Cosmos Online. It has this real pretty little spacey illustration alongside it too! Credit: Britney Schmidt/Dead Pixel VFX/Univ. of Texas at Austin

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The Submissions Grinder

I want to do a quick post about this awesome free submissions tracker, just in case you’re a writer and haven’t discovered it yet. It was set up as a free alternative to Duotrope when the latter decided to

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