The Bog is Back! Sort of…

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been quiet for a whole year, but I figured I should say something just to prove I’m not dead yet. Oh no, I’m not even half eaten by the gators that lurk around here. And that despite the fact that it’s been very swampish of late.

England is suffering a spot of significant flooding, and a couple of nights ago the little river at the bottom of our garden overflowed. It was roaring worse than an amorous alligator. The fire brigade arrived and we had sandbags at the door. Of course the gator was most disappointed that we didn’t end up with fish swimming around in the living room, but I can’t say that I was sorry at all.

So, in an attempt to cheer up the scaly one I’ve finally agreed to let her have her own page here on the blog. She’s been pestering me about it for I don’t know how long.

She’s prepared it already and I’ve just made it live. You can see it up at the top of the page! Gator says go and look at it at once, or else. Hmmm.

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