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A Bit Crooked

My very old, but at the time of purchase quite expensive, printer from the age of the dinosaurs, finally decided to spit out every ink cartridge I attempted to feed it. And yes, it made a lovely mess on the

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The Bog is Back! Sort of…

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been quiet for a whole year, but I figured I should say something just to prove I’m not dead yet. Oh no, I’m not even half eaten by the gators that lurk around here. And that

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Join Gator's Gang!
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  • A3. Of course the best character is my Second Life avatar, Daisy Gator! (See her green grinning googly-eyed face on the left). #FilmDis 1 hour ago
  • Q.3 Lord of the Rings Online has all the characters, and some of the instances are pretty good. Especially Gollum! #FilmDis 1 hour ago
  • #FilmDis I'm a dwarf, so don't have many access issues (other than arthritics). Except that VR headsets are far too ENORMOUS for me. 1 hour ago
  • #FilmDis I'm a denizen of Second Life, plus I play Lord of the Rings Online occasionally. 1 hour ago
  • For once managed to reduce my story's word length while editing rather than increase it. It's even under 4000 words! Unheard of! #writing 1 hour ago

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